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Do women have to be naked to be in music videos?

Do women have to be naked
to get into music videos?

The Guerrilla Girls were recently asked by musician Pharrell Williams to be in an exhibition he curated called G I R L. After watching lots of videos we had a question for Pharrell: why DO WOMEN HAVE TO BE NAKED TO GET INTO MUSIC VIDEOS WHILE 99% OF THE GUYS ARE DRESSED? We did a remix of one of our classic posters with a still from Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

The Birth of Feminism Movie Poster

Feminist history as only Hollywood could tell it! (24" x 18")

The Estrogen Bomb

The Estrogen Bomb: Drop it on the superpowers and the guys in charge will throw down their big guns, hug each other, apologize, and start to work on human rights, education, healthcare and an end to income inequality. (24" x 24")

Disturbing the Peace

For our "Disturbing the Peace" poster (also available in French) we decided to focus on the history of hate speech against women and feminists, from Ancient Greece to Rush Limbaugh. We’re bothered that it has always been OK to make denigrating public statements about women, and shocked by the violence and abuse this language continues to provoke. (24" x 36")


Dearest Art Collector

Boys will buy boys.... (24" x 18")

How Many Women Had One-Person Exhibitions At NYC Museums Last Year?

One of the posters that started it all in 1985. We plastered our posters on the walls of SoHo in the middle of the night. A press release promised more to come, warning, "Simple facts will be spelled out; obvious conclusions can be drawn." (17" x22")


Women In America Earn Only 2/3 Of What Men Do.

Women have never gained economic equality by just working hard and being good girls. With this poster we wanted to make women artists angry as hell and not willing to take it anymore. (17" x 22")


You're Only Seeing Half The Picture

...without the vision of women artists and artists of color.
(17" x 22")

Top Ten Signs You're An Art World Token

Top Ten Signs That
You're An Art World Token

Are you an art world token? Things are improving a little for women and artists of color. Just a little. This poster was created to help us handle our new role. (22" x 17")


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