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17” X 22” OR 18" X 24" EXCEPT AS NOTED

What do these artists have in common? (1985)
These galleries show no more than 10% women artists or none at all. (1985)
How many women artists had one-person exhibitions in NYC art museums last year? (1985) 
These critics don't write enough about women artists (1985)
John Russell thinks things are getting better for women artists (1985)
Women in America earn only 2/3 of what men do (1985)
It's even worse in Europe (1986)
Dearest Art Collector (1986)

Under surveillance this year (1986)
Guerrilla Girls Hits List (1986)
Hidden agender/Passing the bucks (1986)
Guerrilla Girls' 1986 Report Card (1986)
Only 4 commercial galleries in NY show black women (1986)
Which art mag was worst for women last year? (1986)
Guerrilla Girls review the Whitney (1987)
What's fashionable, prestigious and tax deductible? (1987)

We sell white bread (1987), 13" x 22"
The advantages of being a woman artist (1988)
At last! Museums will no longer discriminate against women and minority artists (1988)
How many works by women artists were in the Andy Warhol and Termaine auctions at Sotheby's? (1989)
Bus companies are more enlightened than NYC art galleries (1989)
We've encouraged our galleries to show more women and artists of color. Have you? (1989)
When racism and sexism are no longer fashionable, how much will your art collection be worth? (1989)
Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum? 11" x 28" (1989)

Relax Senator Helms, the art world is your kind of place! (1989)
You're seeing less than half the picture (1989)
Guerrilla Girls' identities exposed! (1990)
Guerrilla Girls' code of ethics for art museums (1990)
Guerrilla Girls' Pop Quiz (1990)
Guerrilla Girls' definition of a hypocrite (1990)
Montgomery, Alabama 1955? (1991)
Missing in Action (1991)

These are the most bigoted galleries in New York (1991)
What's the difference between a prisoner of war and a homeless person? (1991)
What I Want for Mother's Day (1991)
Guerrilla Girls demand a return to traditional values of abortion (1992)
Republicans do believe in a woman's right to control her body (1992)
If you're raped, you might as well "relax and enjoy it," because no one will believe you (1992)
How long did it take to loot South Central L.A? (1992)

Hold onto your wallets! Cross your legs! (1992)
Guerrilla Girls explain the concepts of natural law 11" x 16.75" (1992)
What's new and happening at the Guggenheim for the discriminating art lover? and Dear Mr. Krens postcard 4.25" x 5.5" (1992) 
Supreme Court Justice supports right to privacy for gays and lesbians (1992)
Hormone Imbalance, Melanin Deficiency 18"x 12" (1993)
Sorry, Sweetie, Way to go, dude! (1994)
Top Ten Signs that You're an Artworld Token (1995)
Token Times (1995)

10 Trashy Ideas About the Environment (1994)
Traditional values and qualities return to the Whitney Museum (1995)
Who is this slimy creature? (1995)
What do these men have in common? (1995)
Election year iottery. You gotta play to win (1996) 
The Internet was 84.5% male and 82.3% white until now (1996)
Battle of the Sexes (project for The New Yorker), 10 x 16 (1996)
3 white women, 1 woman of color and no men of color -- out of 71 artists? and postcard sent to MoMA, 4.25" x 6"(1997)

MoMA Mia!!! 13 years and we're still counting (1997)
As Good as it Gets?, 11" x 8.5" (1998)
In This Theatre, 11" x 8.5" (1998)
There's a Tragedy on Broadway and it isn't Electra, 11" x 8.5"(1999)
Oh! The joys of being a woman playwright! (1999)
Brooklyn Landmark (1999)
Intercepted by the Guerrilla Girls (1999)
Sundance Stickers, 2 parts , each 11x8.5" (2001)

Send a message to those body-obsessed guys in Hollywood (project for Bitch), 10" x 15"(2000)
Birth of Feminism Poster (2001)
Anatomically Correct Oscar Billboard, (2002)
Estrogen Bomb, 18" x 12" (2003)
Trent L'ottscar Billboard, (2003)
Women's Terror Alert (2003)
Benvenuti alla Biennale Femminista, project for the Venice Biennale (2005)
Where are the Women Artists of Venice, project for the Venice Biennale (2005)

Unchain the Women Directors Billboard (2006) 
The Future for Turkish Women Artists (2006)
Horror on the National Mall, 24x12" (2007)
Dear Art Collector (2007)
Dear Art Collector Greek (2007)
Dear Art Collector Chinese (2008)
Dearest Eli Broad, 11" x 8.5" (2008)
Bronx Museum Unfair to Men (2008)

Museums Cave in to Radical Feminists (2008)
Disturbing the Peace, English and French versions, each 24" x 36"(2009)
Irish Toast (2010)
Irish Not A Feminist (2010)
Gender Reassignment (2012)
The Estrogen Bomb Update, 24" x 24" (2012)
Do Women Have to Be Do Women Have to be Naked? Update, 12" x 26" (2012)
Even Michele Bachmann believes "We All Have the Same Civil Rights" Billboard" (2012)


The Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art Companion, (1998) 
Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla Girls' Illustrated Guide to Female Stereotypes, (2003)
The Guerrilla Girls' Art Museum Activity Book, (Updated 2012)
The Hysterical Herstory Of Hysteria And How It Was Cured (2012) - PDF format on CD 

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