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I. Thou shalt not be a Museum Trustee and also the Chief Stockholder of a Major Auction House.

II. A Curator shalt not exhibit an Artist, or the Artists of a Dealer, with whom he/she has had a sexual relationship, unless such liason is explicitly stated on a wall label 8" from the exhibited work.

III. Thou shalt not give more than 3 retrospectives to an Artist whose Dealer is the brother of the Chief Curator.

IV. Thou shalt not limit thy Board of Trustees to Corporate Offices, Wealthy Entrepreneurs and Social Hangers-on. At least .001% must be Artists representing the racial and gender percentages of the U.S. population.

V. Thou shalt not permit Corporations to launder their public images in Museums until they cleaneth up their Toxic Waste Dumps and Oil Slicks.

VI. Thou shalt provide lavish funerals for Women and Artists of Color who thou planeth to exhibit only after their Death.

VII. If thou art an Art Collector sitting on the Acquisitions or Exhibitions Committee, thou shalt useth thy influence to enhance the value of thine own colleciton not more than once a year.

VIII. Thy Corporate Benefactors who earn their income from products for Women and Artists of Color shall earmark their Museum donations for exhibits and acquisitions of art by those Groups.

IX. Thou shalt keep Curatorial Salaries so low that Curators must be Independently Wealthy, or willing to engage in Insider Trading.

X. Thou shalt admit to the Public that words such as genius, masterpiece, priceless, seminal, potent, tough, gritty and powerful are used solely to prop up the Myth and inflate the Market Value of White Male Artists.

The events portrayed in this poster bear direct resemblance to real events at U.S. art museums. It's the only poster we have ever done in Old Testament language. Copies of it have been spotted hanging in museum offices all over the country.