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Copyright © 2007 by Guerrilla Girls

HORROR ON THE NATIONAL MALL! Thousands of women locked in basements of D.C. museums!

Blake Gopnik, chief art critic of the Washington Post, asked us to create a full page in the newspaper as part of a special section on feminism and art published April 22, 2007.

We designed a tabloid, NOT OK!, The Guerrilla Girls' Scandal Rag, toreveal the shocking truth about the low, low number of women and artists of color in our national art museums. Plus, with the help of Brangelina (no tabloid is complete without them) we show the Smithsonian how to atone for its bad behavior.

We got all our statistics from the museums themselves or from their websites, but when the Post called to fact check, the institutions went bananas! The National Gallery hurriedly installed a sculpture by an artist of color and the Hirshhorn suddenly found works by women and artists of color it never knew it owned! Who knows how many works they're scrambling to install right now? Let's all keep up the pressure!


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