The Hysterical Herstory of Hysteria and How It Was Cured: From Ancient Times Until Now

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Our story about how female bodies have been treated and mistreated over the centuries. Published to coincide with the exhibition: The Guerrilla Girls and La Barbeat  mfc-michèle didier, 9 September - 12 November 2016, in Paris!

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The Guerrilla Girls' Art Museum Activity Book, 2004

The Guerrilla Girls' Art Museum Activity Book

Rich people have always had a lot of stuff. A few centuries ago, they ran out of room in their palaces and churches, so they started art museums. The Guerrilla Girls love museums and all the art in them, but we worry about them, too. Why do they raise hundreds of millions for new buildings, then complain that they don’t have enough money to buy art? Why do they blow a fortune on a single painting by a white male genius when they could acquire hundreds of great works by women and people of color instead? Why do museum store execs get paid more than curators? 

The Guerrilla Girls’ Art Museum Activity Book takes you behind the pretty pictures. Wallow in the dirt that museums hope you haven’t noticed. Take our fun tests; do the math. Get ideas for how you can bother, and maybe change, your favorite museum, just like we’ve been doing. See more pages from the book.

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The Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art

“A leveling indictment of bigotry in the art world, the work of the Guerrilla Girls elevates cage-bar rattling to a fine art.” —Mark Dery, The New York Times Book Review

Take a romp through the last two thousand years of Western Art with the Guerrilla Girls as your guides. Find answers to questions like these: Who put all those naked men in the classical sections of museums? Why did nuns have more fun in medieval times? Did a girl have to cross dress for success in the 19th century? How far does a female have to go from her home to become an artist? Why were the modern Masters more interested in painting prostitutes than Suffragettes? Read about the fascinating lives of the women artists who were able to make it, despite incredible social obstacles and sexist art historians. Art history classes around the world are using it as a textbook. Make your professor use it, too!

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Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers, 2003

Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla Girls' Illustrated Guide to Female Stereotypes

The Guerrilla Girls focus their beady little eyes, and laser wit, on female stereotypes throughout the ages. With subversive humor and great visuals they explore the history and significance of each stereotype as well as its evolution and the various manifestations each have taken on through the ages. Both an entertaining and educational read that will appeal to readers of all genders and ages—provided they like a good laugh and a hearty dose of truth.

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Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls, 1995

Confessions of The Guerrilla Girls

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